Do you Know, How to Make Jewelry

Making your own jewelry from scratch is a get fun and addictive hobby. Apart from that it is also fun to wear what you create! However, majority of people don’t really know where to start from. So let us list down simple tips that can help a beginner to try their hands in jewelry making.


  • Choose which type of jewelry interest you -


It is really fun when you have to make the decision in which type of jewelry you want to try your hands first. There are a long range of possibilities and options when it comes to jewelry. It is unrealistic to try your hand in all sorts of jewelry making techniques just at the start. Jewelry making techniques are just like knit, crochet, quilt, hand-sew, and embroider - you can't learn all at once. It is advisable to choose one kind of jewelry you’d like and try perfecting it from the scratch.

making jewelry


  • Master basic skills -


Whether you are planning on putting your efforts in perfecting beads making, clay metal, or any other type of jewelry first, there are a few basic skills that you must know before the start of every other project. Majority of projects you put your hands in will require you to have a basic knowledge and experience in performing simple tasks like form a simple wire loop and opening and closing a jump ring properly. Once you master basic skills required at the start of every project, you can easily shift to whatever type of project you are interested in creating.


  • Invest in quality tools -


When you are starting from the scratch, borrowing pliers and the wire cutters and pliers from others toolbox will work. But the truth is that the better tools you have the easier will be for you to start the process. When you are just the beginner investing in quality tools might look like an hefty investment. But in the long run investing in tools like metal stamps, etc., It will be easy for you to create eye catching and attractive jewelry within no time. Once you have all the necessary tools in your jewelry making box, it will get very inexpensive to make any jeweler piece with time.


  • Check blogs, Pinterest and other websites for inspiration -


Today internet is full of new ideas, inspiration and new tips and tricks. When it comes to making Jewelry, you can get inspired from almost anywhere. It is important to keep your mind and eyes open and look all around for inspiration. Check out the various jewelry designs, visit your favorite accessory stores. Browse around on different websites and Pinterest. List down your favorite bloggers and follow them regularly. Do check out their jewelry archives for ideas and motivation.


  • Take Jewelry making classes 


If you are interested in learning some specific techniques, take a jewelry making class and let an experienced teacher walk you through the process of making jewelry. Today there are many online websites that offer various tutorial videos and that too for free.

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