How to Understand Meaning Of 925 Mark on Jewelry?

Jewelry is an important part of every woman’s life and they all want to purchase genuine and excellent kind of material for themselves. There are numerous shops and online websites which are offering trending and fashionable jewelry pieces to people. That is why it is busy to decide which piece is genuine and which is not and what should you buy. Although there are various steps and measures taken which are used to indicate the authenticity or reliability of jewelry items.

what does 925 mean on jewelry

Some people get confused by the signs which are marked on jewelry items which are made up either of gold or silver, because they don’t have enough knowledge about the signs. That is why it is necessary for them to learn about them and be aware if they want to protect their assets and don’t want to get deceived by shopkeepers. Blue Apple is taking a step to let the consumers educate about the ‘925’ mark on the gold or silver jewelry pieces. Often consumers get stuck with the question that what does 925 mean on jewelry, well here we are presenting you with an answer:-

People think that a stamp showing ‘925’ mark on gold jewelry indicates that the piece consists of 925/1000 gold or you can say that, they assume that the particular piece contains 92.5% I’d gold. But such people need to understand a fact that such indications don’t mean that. If a stamp shows 925 then it does not mean that 92.5% is a gold standard or the purity of gold. It does not even correspond to any commonly used karat number. The highest number of purity is 22 karats, which in turn get translated to 91.7% purity. If number 925 is printed on any gold jewelry then it doesn’t always mean that the mark indicates towards the gold content of the item. Basically when 925 is marked on a sterling jewelry item then it means that the silver content in the particular item is 92.5% and the remaining 7.5% consists of other elements.

Sometimes the jewelry item you are looking for is not made up of gold but isn’t it questionable that why a gold piece would be marked with a sign which is commonly used for silver. Well, it means that the jewelry is not made up of solid gold but it is made up of silver material and plated with gold. The mark of ‘925’ indicates the purity of underlying silver core not the purity of the gold plating. You can buy ‘925’ marked gold jewelry and sterling silver items from our website and the product will be delivered at your place. There are thousands of designs is jewelry pieces available on blue Apple and you can easily find your match here.
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