925 Sterling Silver Paw Print Heart Promise Ring Band Wholesale

Item Specifications:
Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Metal Stamp or Hallmark: 925
Metal Purity: 92.5% Sterling.
Gemstone Creation Method: Simulated
Face Measurements From South To North:8mm(0.31")
The Paw Print Heart Promise Ring is a heartwarming wholesale product that combines the love for pets with a symbol of commitment. This adorable ring features a delicate heart design adorned with a paw print, representing the special bond between humans and their beloved furry friends. Crafted with attention to detail, this ring is a heartfelt accessory that captures the unconditional love and loyalty shared with pets. Available in various sizes, the Paw Print Heart Promise Ring is a meaningful and fashionable choice for those who cherish their pets and want to carry a reminder of their love wherever they go.
Color :
Sterling Silver
Size :
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Product Code Color Size Wholesale Price
BAR143559-SL-4-C-2-4 4 Sterling Silver $2.74
BAR143559-SL-5-C-2-4 5 Sterling Silver $2.85
BAR143559-SL-6-C-2-4 6 Sterling Silver $2.96
BAR143559-SL-7-C-2-4 7 Sterling Silver $3.07
BAR143559-SL-8-C-2-4 8 Sterling Silver $3.18
BAR143559-SL-9-C-2-4 9 Sterling Silver $3.29
BAR143559-SL-10-C-2-4 10 Sterling Silver $3.40
BAR143559-SL-11-C-2-4 11 Sterling Silver $3.51
BAR143559-SL-12-C-2-4 12 Sterling Silver $3.62
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