Types Of Rings

Types Of Rings 

 Rings are a fairly classic piece of jewelry that everyone knows. However, not everyone knows about the different types of rings and the details about them. Not a big deal, is it? Well, it could be. You don’t want to give your new boyfriend a mother’s ring instead of an engagement ring, do you? A ring can have a deeper meaning than something glittering on your finger. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of ringtones, how to tell the difference and what they mean. 

  1. ) Anniversary Band
  2. ) Antique Ring
  3. ) Rings With Birthstones
  4. ) Wedding set
  5. ) Claddagh Ring
  6. ) Cluster Ring
  7. ) Cocktail Ring
  8. ) Contemporary Ring
  9. ) Classic Solitaire Ring
  10. ) Halo Ring
  11. ) Side Stone Ring
  12. ) Princess cut Ring
  13. ) Cushion Cut Ring
  14. ) Eternity Band
  15. ) Promise Ring

Anniversary Band:

An anniversary sash is a ring donated by one couple to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Traditionally, diamonds have been the preferred stone for anniversary bands. The stones are usually set in channels, that is, set in two vertical metal walls, or three stones placed side by side to represent the past, present, and future.


Antique Ring:

An Antique ring is at least 100 years old. The 1920s rings are now getting the title 'Antique'. Find rings from the Georgian era, Victorian era, Edwardian era, or Art Deco era that are guaranteed to be truly Antique.


Rings with Birthstones:

Birthstone rings are made of metal and contain one or more stones to represent the wearer's birth month or the family's birth month. These are used for personal jewelry and to remember each person in the family. Twelve such stones can be placed in the birth stone ring for each month.


Wedding Set:

A bridal set is a set of thumbs that someone wears. You guessed it! The bridal set usually consists of her engagement ring and her wedding band. These sets can range from solitaire engagement rings with simple metal bands to endless rings with many stones, diamonds, and more. The ring set shows that she is the woman she is wearing because she has both engagement and wedding rings.


Claddagh Ring:

The Claddagh ring has a lot of history. It originates from Ireland, wherein in the Middle Ages it was used as a wedding ring or engagement ring. The heart symbolizes love, fidelity to the crown, and the hands symbolize friendship. These rings can be simple metal straps or they can have jewelry to decorate the heart, crown, and headband.


Cluster Ring:

The cluster ring has a base stone in the center, usually a diamond, which is then surrounded by a halo of smaller versions of the same stone. In the past, stones were brighter colors, such as emeralds or rubies, but diamonds have returned and taken center stage in these rings.


Cocktail Ring:

Cocktail rings got their name from the fact that they were a symbol of wealth and power that women wore during the dry law era in the 1920s. These rings are not intended to be worn as casual. They are more suitable for special events where the dress is elegant and excessive. Women often wear these rings on their right hand.


Contemporary Ring:

A modern ring is one with clear lines, a sleek design, and beautiful curves. Like the modern home design, the minimalist approach is adopted in the form of this ornament. Designers prefer to let the more delicate aspects of the ring come to the center stage instead of making it more complicated and extravagant.

These rings can have one or more stones or they can be a simple metal ring. You can find rings with arrows engraved on them, rings that are wrapped around but not at the ends, rings that resemble dolphin tails, or anything else you think of can.


Classic Solitaire Ring:

A solitaire ring is a simple metal band with a stone. The stone maybe your choice, but traditionally it is a diamond. This style is the classic style of engagement ring that holds the stone on display.


Halo Ring:

The halo ring has a large stone in the center with a small stone ring around it and it looks like a cluster ring. Smaller rocks can either follow the shape of the main rock or they can form a different shape around it. Although diamonds are preferred for engagement rings, you can always choose other stones if you wish.


Side Stone Ring:

The side stone ring is like solitaire with a single stone set in a band, but the sidestone rings have small stones in the band while the solitaire is solid. It adds a little extra shine and enchantment which would otherwise be a very simple ring. The stones in the band either look similar to the Central Stone or may have a different color to make it more playful and vibrant.


Princess Cut Ring:

The princess's engagement ring consists of a stone that is cut into a square and has a pyramidal profile. This type of cut creates a wonderful shape because it has more facets to hold the stone and reflect more light. This type of cut is very popular as a solitaire or in three-stone rings.


Cushion Cut Ring:

Cushion cut engagement rings consist of a stone that is cut into squares or rectangles with rounded corners that go down to give the stone a swollen appearance. This type of ring is very popular at the moment, but it can be difficult to find in jewelry stores. Vintage and antique rings can be a great place to find a cushion kit, but be aware of who you are buying from and make sure the ring is worth what you are paying for. 


Eternity Band:

An intrinsic band is a ring with diamonds wrapped around the band to represent eternal love. They are similar to wedding bands, but in wedding bands, you can see rocks wrapped only halfway around. They often contain round diamonds but can also use other cuts and stones. These rings are often given as a gift on special occasions such as when a couple has children or on a birthday.


Promise Ring:

Promise rings are given as a symbol of commitment in relationships. This ring can sometimes precede the engagement ring, but the 'promise' of the promise ring is not always the engagement. This can mean a promise of loyalty during the relationship. Want to start a jewelry business with these rings, you can get them from wholesale jewelry vendors.


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