Ways to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Every second women is crazy about sterling silver jewelry because it is irresistible to ignore its luster, versatility, etc, and that is silver is considered as one of the most popular ingredient for jewelry. But there are still some sections of society which rejects the incredible pieces made up of silver just because of few stupid reasons like it get tarnished easily. The reason behind this is, when oxygen or sulphur gets in touch with silver then a chemical reaction takes place on the surface of the jewelry and make the jewelry looks old and dirty. Let us tell you that silver jewelry addition to your jewelry box would add more beauty to your jewelry collection and would fit with all of your different attire. And we are here to answer one of the biggest questions of these days, which is how to clean sterling jewelry. Luckily, cleaning or caring for sterling silver jewelry is as easy as doing dishes, but all you need is to use the right kind of ingredients and tricks to clean them. Given below is a list which is going to guide you through all the ways using which you can make silver items as good as new:-

how to clean sterling silver jewelry

  • Wear it often: - You can avoid your sterling silver jewelry pieces from getting tarnished by wearing them often. Because the oil in your skin will clean up the jewelry items and make them look shiny.
  • Avoid exposure: - Avoiding contact of household chemicals, or any other chemical which might contain sulphur, can cause the silver to tarnish and lead to its corrosion. You can take silver jewelry off while doing household chores in order to avoid its contact with these chemicals. Even direst contact of silver with sunlight can cause the jewelry to get tarnished, so you are recommended to take off all your jewelry pieces while you are going to swim or sunbathing. On the other hand, motions, cosmetics, hair spray, etc are considered as enemies of silver sterling jewelry items.
  • Storage: - If you can keep your sterling silver jewelry items perfectly then you can save them from getting tarnished for a great period of time. You can store them in airtight bags with anti tarnish strips to prevent air to get in touch with them.
  • Polishing: - Polishing works when your jewelry items are not way to tarnished because polishing can bring back the real shine of the jewelry back. This is the best method to clean oxidized silver in order to make them last longer but you can be careful while cleaning the severely tarnished areas.
  • Professional cleaning: - It is best to take the severely tarnished silver jewelry items to the professionals. Because only a profession can clean the badly tarnished portions of the jewelry properly.
  • Homemade silver cleaning tricks: - There are numerous household ingredients which are environment friendly and can be utilized to clean silver jewelry. Things like baking soda and water, olive oil and lemon juice, etc, are the considered best when it comes to cleaning the silver sterling jewelry.
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